The benefits of spending time in nature

wild soulWe all have times in life, where there are extra demands on our time and resources that can lead to us feeling drained, stressed and exhausted. It’s easy to forget that spending some time in nature can be just what you need to get your energy and zest for life back again.

Making time to be in nature has so many benefits, whether that be a local park, your garden, a forest or beach. I believe that it is essential to our health and wellbeing, to spend time in nature. My reasons for saying this is that I see so many people suffering from stress, depression, anxiety and fatigue and know that spending time in nature regularly can assist with alleviating many of these symptoms as well as working its magic to uplift your spirit, in the most wonderful ways.

Some of the benefits of spending time in nature on a regular basis:-

* reduces stress

* lowers blood pressure

* regulates heart rate

* reduces overall muscle tension

* increases oxygen levels in the body

* improves overall wellbeing

* reduces anger, sadness, anxiety and fear

* increase in positive emotions such as joy, peace, gratitude and appreciation

* reduces pain

* improves immune functioning

* increases vitality and energy levels

* improves sense of connection and belonging


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