Thank you for joining my community!

Thank you for joining my community!

You can download your E Book – 5 Keys to Living Your Soul Purpose directly from this page by Right clicking on the link below and then save target as:-

5 Key Blocks to Living Your Soul Purpose

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My free E-Book reveals 5 key factors that may be stopping you living your purpose and offers practical insights as to what you can do to start moving forward. I encourage you to work through the workbook at your own pace and use the insights you gain to start more fully living your passion and purpose!

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I’m passionate about assisting people to live their passion and purpose! Let me know how I can assist you.

Every month I offer a limited number of free Clarity Breakthrough Sessions, to assist you to get clear about what you are really wanting and what is stopping you having it.

I know what it’s like to be stuck in a place that is not where you want to be and to have no clear idea what you really want, just this strong feeling that there must be more to life!
I remember being stuck in a job I disliked and knowing I wanted to do my own work, passionately, yet having no clear idea what that looked like or how I could possibly do that, given that I was divorced and the income earner for my family. Yet, I had a passion, a desire to live a bigger and more fulfilling life. To wake up in the morning and spring out of bed looking forward to the day, with a sense of purpose and passion pouring through every cell of my body. I wanted that, to feel that way. Not this. Not going to a job every day that I disliked just to pay the bills and knowing tomorrow would bring more of the same. Unfortunately, it had to get a lot more painful, for me to decide to take a leap of faith and do what it was in my heart to do. I don’t want that for you!

Nothing changes until you get clear about what you want and start moving toward that, one step at a time! Start NOW from wherever you are. Don’t keep putting it off, hoping that things will magically change. They won’t. Change starts with YOU!

intro 2Here is your opportunity to make time to get clear about what you want and what is stopping you having it – You can apply for your free session by filling out the form below:-

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Katherine Amber Murray
Life and Soul Purpose Coach

You can connect with me here:-
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I look forward to assisting you to Live YOUR Passion and Purpose!

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