I have been fortunate to have found Katherine . She is a wise woman . Who I have found to be very informative and insightful . I have needed Katherine’s assistance a couple of times and find she gives clarity to my situation , she is in touch with a higher source and works with a higher power to obtain specific information relating to your situation . Katherine has many skills that she incorporates with her work so don’t think your only getting one service – Katherine uses all her skills knowledge and divine guidance to lead us into furthering our journey . I would suggest Katherine as a supportive informative guide and healer . Her reports are lengthily which showed me she puts her heart and soul into her work . She gives not only information but answers your questions and gives solutions and specific guidelines to follow .
Katherine’s work is unquie and I believe only certain people are gifted in this area . It takes a wholistic person to work with such knowledge and intervention it is then up to us to use that information .
I would highly recommend anyone that feels stuck or aimless or directionless to seek out such information to provide you with clarity and aid your journey .
As I said Katherine is a highly trusted , confidential and intuitive lady and your blessed when you work with her .
Katrina . Blue mountains

Thank u so much Katherine,
Through your healings I have received massive transformations not only for myself but also for my son. It has transformed my financial life, my career, my relationships and my self worth. Really my whole life was flipped upside down, but together I had the resources I needed at the right time. When you heal you go to a deeper level than anyone I know, which is why the transformation is so profound. You’re intuition and psychic abilities are such amazing aspects to your healing. I’m so grateful that you came into my life to help me heal myself. In regards to my son, I trust you wholeheartedly as I’ve seen the massive changes in him whenever you have completed a healing for him.

First of all thank you thank you thank you, for such an accurate informative and amazing reading, your compassion and gentleness towards me was very gracious and your insight into my internal dilemma was very touching, it was very nice to discover what my soul gifts were, even though some of the things I do all the time, I was ignorant in regards to these being gifts, but now I am sure I will treat my gifts with a little more respect. Thank you for the healing work you have done as well. I would highly recommend this particular reading that you do to anybody. What a blessing you have been.
Holly G. NSW Australia

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