Spiritual Clearing and Healing in the quantum field

treeAt an essential level, we live in an energetic universe, where we are surrounded by and interacting with different forms of energy – some positive, others negative.
As we start to grow and evolve spiritually, we often become more sensitive to the energies around us. Practices such as meditation and prayer and cultivating love, compassion, kindness and generosity in our interactions, cultivate positive spiritual energy.
At times however, we may find that we need assistance to clear negative spiritual energies, negative spiritual agreements such as soul contracts and curses and negative patterns that may be affecting us spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. Some signs that there may be negative spiritual energies present are:-
* feeling tired and drained beyond what we would reasonably expect
* feeling angry and upset, coming on suddenly
* feeling confused or unclear
* things not flowing well in particular life areas, no matter what you do to bring about positive change or result
* nightmares and unexplained fears
* feeling down and low, for extended period and not able to shift it
* feeling heavy and negative for no reason

Negative energies can attach to people, places or objects and account for many problems that can be attributed to other causes, especially when they come on suddenly. People will often have a sense that something is not right, especially if they are sensitive.

There can be negative thought patterns, emotional patterns and spiritual patterns that affect us and make it difficult to make changes and move forward in a positive way in our life. These patterns may have been there for so long that we think this is just how life is. Yet, it is possible to start to clear these patterns and experience positive shifts and changes at all levels.

There can also be negative soul contracts, curses and agreements that create negativity and block the flow of positive and abundant energy in health, finances, career and relationships.

The results of spiritual, mental and emotional clearing and healing work are generally immediate. For many people there is a noticeable lightening of mood and energy and a return of clarity, happiness and sense of positive spiritual connection. There can also be a sense of ease and flow in areas that have been difficult or challenging.

This work takes place at many levels, as I incorporate soul-level work, with work with mental patterns, emotional patterns, DNA work and creating new energy and intentions in the quantum field. All of this work creates change in our energy field that can support making positive changes in all areas of life.

I offer sessions by Skype or in-person with all healing and clearing work done during the session. The first session is usually a 2 to 2 & 1/2 hour hour session so as some of the major spiritual issues, blocks and restrictions can be cleared. I can also include Akashic Record level clearing and report, which gives you a deeper understanding of the negative spiritual patterns and issues and also includes soul level clearing work. This works at many levels to assist you to make a significant shift in your life and experience greater ease and flow in achieving your goals and outcomes. Follow up sessions may be 1&1/2 hours or 2 hours as desired.

If you think that this may be just what you need, you can book a session by filling out the form and making payment below. If you would like to ask any questions, you are welcome to fill out the contact form below.

I know what a difference this work can make to people’s lives and look forward to assisting you to live a life of clarity, freedom and joy.


I offer 3 session format, as energetic healing is best done in layers and supported by emotional healing. You can take advantage of the pay in full offer by paying with paypal below and please do fill out the accompanying form with your details and I will be in contact with you shortly. If you have any questions, you can fill out the form below. For in person session you can book and pay at time of session. 24 hour cancellation policy applies.

Spiritual Clearing and Healing Sessions

3 X 2 hour session – Regular Price – $675 – special offer $595

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