Soul Gifts 90 day Breakthrough Coaching Journey

20028218MUR_Katherine MurrayDo you find yourself stuck in negative patterns in your relationships, finances or career and no matter what you do you seem unable to move forward?

Do you feel that your life is like a re-run of a really bad movie, where the same themes keep repeating with different characters and settings?

Do you have a deep feeling and knowing that there must be more to life, that there is a purpose, for which you were born that you are not fully living or expressing?

The Akashic Records are like a cosmic library which contains information on every important decision you have made across lifetimes and its energetic result.

Perhaps in a past life you took a vow of poverty or sacrifice and this is still operating in your life.

Perhaps you were burnt as a witch or suffered in some other way for using your spiritual gifts and so are afraid of using your spiritual gifts and abilities in this lifetime for fear of the consequences.

Perhaps you were abandoned or betrayed by a loved one and so have a fear of loving and commitment.

The possibilities are endless, as to how past experiences can still be affecting our life, interfering with us being the fullest, most magnificent version of ourselves and making the unique contribution that we are here to make to the world.

Akashic Record Reading is more of an experience than just a reading. It gives you information on your soul gifts and qualities and assists you to connect more fully with your soul and your purpose. You have a unique purpose, something you are meant to do that only you can do and when you are not doing that, there’s often a deep soul sadness, that is telling you there is something more you are meant to be doing.

Learning to read the akashic records and working with people in the akashic records has been hugely life changing for me. This work raises your vibration and consciousness and increases your awareness and spiritual connection. We each have access to our akashic records to assist us to live our life better and to access the wisdom of our soul to assist us. For me, this was the beginning of a journey, of understanding more fully who I was as a soul and my purpose and really getting clear and specific as to how I can uniquely make a difference and assist with the healing and upliftment of humanity at this time. One of the things I do is activate people’s divine gifts and assist them to start using their divine gifts in their life to do what they’re here to do.

coachwood glen 014Often we feel drawn to this work at a time in our life when we have a strong desire for change and a deep desire and soul calling to understand why we’re here and who we really are as a soul. We may realise we need assistance to clear and heal whatever is stopping us being truly happy and fulfilled in our life.

Akashic Record Reading and Divine Gifts Coaching can assist you to start living a life that inspires and makes you feel truly alive and doing what you’re here to do.

Akashic Record Reading and Soul Gifts Coaching is a 12 week journey, which begins with reading your akashic records, your soul’s blueprint and divine gifts. During the 12 weeks we work together you will be assisted to:-

* Connect more fully with your purpose

* Understand your divine gifts and how to start bringing these through into your life

* Experience for yourself how to work in the akashic records and access your soul’s wisdom

* Identify key patterns and themes that have been repeating lifetime after lifetime

* Clear negative patterns and agreements at soul level

* Get clear on what you are wanting to create for yourself in the next 12 months

* Activate your soul gifts to support you in living your purpose

* Work together in the akashic records to activate the energy and support for manifesting your desires

* Mindset work and belief work to support making changes

* Heal, clear and balance your energy body at all levels

* Have the support and assistance you need to make the positive changes and breakthroughs you are wanting to make in your life.

I have been guided to offer akashic record and soul gifts coaching as a program, to support people to activate their gifts and do the mindset and belief change work to support making significant changes in your life that align you more fully with your purpose and living the life you truly desire and making a unique contribution through your gifts. The problem with spiritual and energetic work is that unless we do the mindset work, change negative beliefs and take new actions, the changes do not come through to the physical level. For this reason, I now offer this work with additional coaching and mindset only as I see that this is the best way I can truly serve my clients.

This is deep work, where we work with each layer, transforming, healing and making changes to long standing patterns. This takes time and over the period we work together, you can set the foundations for significant change that assists you to start living the life you truly desire. This work is high energy and high vibration and can assist you to make shifts that you may have been trying to make for years. As we clear and heal energetic blocks, life energy begins to flow again; in your body and all areas of your life – health, finances, work and relationships. .

If you have been waiting and hoping for things to change for too long – now is the time to do something to create the change you want to see in your life!
Akashic Record Reading and Soul Gifts 3 month Program
* Full soul realignment, clearing and healing at soul level
* Gaining an understanding of your Soul Gifts and how to begin expressing these in your life
* Basic level of learning how to energetically read and access information in the akashic records
* Akashic record reading attunement
* Identifying and clearing soul level blocks and restrictions that often affect us in many areas of our life such as finances, relationships etc.
* Understanding important past and present life choices and situations that have become part of your vibrational energy pattern and are still affecting you
* Working intuitively, energetically and strategically to

I look forward to assisting you with your journey of healing and transformation.

Katherine is a Spiritual Consultant and Clinical Hypnotherapist, who assists people to get clear about what they really want, to create a vision for their life and develop the strategies, beliefs and habits to support living the life you truly want to be living one day at a time.

Katherine specialises in assisting highly sensitive, empathic and creative people to live vital, happy and successful lives and to learn ways to better manage their sensitivity that support them to thrive instead of just survive.

As sensitive people, we can find ourselves just getting through the day, feeling depleted, exhausted and unfulfilled. I think most of us have been there at some point. Many of us deal with anxiety, depression, phobias, sleep difficulties and it can be tough, especially if you have little support and are managing as best you can. As a highly sensitive person, I have experienced many of the challenges that are common and then some. I have struggled at times and along the way, I have learnt a lot about what works and doesn’t work to live well as a sensitive person. My passion is assisting sensitive people to tap into their inner resources and to develop empowering beliefs, strategies and habits that support them to achieve the goals and dreams they may have given up on. It’s so sad when we live lives that are too small for us, because we have not learnt how to thrive instead of just survive as sensitive people

It is so important to have a clear vision for your life. Having a clear vision to move toward, gives your life a sense of purpose and direction. Without this, we keep doing what we know and often focus on the past and what is not working for us, because we do not have a clear vision to guide our decisions and move toward.

It is also essential to have strategies, beliefs and habits that support you to grow and be all you can be, instead of those that support limiting patterns and decisions. When you set clear outcomes and develop the strategies, beliefs and habits that support you to achieve them, you start to notice changes as you become the person you need to be to live the life you truly desire. The life we live is a result of our beliefs, our habits and strategies, so it makes sense that making significant changes to these gets new results, better results. It is not hard to make positive changes that improve all areas of your life – your health, relationships, career and lifestyle and experience better health, more happiness and success as a result, when you have the right beliefs and strategies to do so.

I would love to support you to get clear on what you really want and start making the inner and outer changes that will allow you to have that…….I’m available for a free 30 minute call to discuss how I can assist you and to see if we are a good fit to work together.

Visionary Breakthrough Coaching Programs
Your program is personally designed for you, incorporating tools and strategies from a wide range of disciplines including Guided Visualisation, Hypnotherapy, transformational coaching, Neuro-linguistic programming, Creative and expressive therapies, Timeline Therapy, Akashic record reading and spiritual healing to offer you the personalised support that best suits your needs.

I would love to support you to get clear on what you really want and start making the inner and outer changes that will allow you to have that…….I’m available for a free 30 minute call to discuss how I can assist you and to see if we are a good fit to work together.

You can book some time with me in my calendar here:

I look forward to assisting you, to be the best version of you!
Katherine Amber Murray
Spiritual Consultant
Visionary Guide

Disclaimer:- This is soul work to support your spiritual journey and is not meant to replace professional medical or psychological care. I do not diagnose or treat medical conditions. Always see a doctor if you have persistent symptoms or concerns.


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