The Photo Studio Glebe; Fashion; Jolanta Opiola; Katherine Murray Katherine has many years experience with healing and transpersonal work. Her training includes Hypnotherapy, Coaching, Soul Realignment, Seraphim Angelic Healing, Transpersonal Art Therapy and Counselling.

Her passion is assisting people to fully express their soul purpose and potential. Through her work, she assists people to understand, heal and transform the patterns and blocks that are stopping them from living their life from a place of passion, purpose and joy.

Katherine has practiced healing in some form from the age of 16. She came to yoga and meditation at this time and experienced a powerful spiritual awakening. This was the conscious beginning of her spiritual journey, through which she has walked many paths and had many powerful experiences that enrich and inform her life. She recognised that healing was her calling at this time and began what was to become a lifelong passion for learning and mastering various aspects of the arts of healing – of body, mind and soul. She describes the healing journey as not one for the faint hearted – it takes strength and courage to face the truth of who you are, to deal with your shadow aspects and to be willing to embrace new ways of being and let go of what is no longer appropriate on an ongoing basis.

One of Katherine’s gifts is identifying the underlying patterns that are keeping you stuck at all levels – soul, physical, emotional and mental and bringing awareness and energetic healing work to clear and transform these blocks to living your purpose.

Studying and practicing transformational coaching has had a huge impact on Katherine’s work. It has given her the tools to ground her soul healing work and assist people to make real and lasting change. To make any change requires having a clear sense of purpose, making decisions and taking actions that are aligned with and move toward the fulfilment of this purpose. One of the things that Katherine has noticed about many approaches to healing is that they create a temporary change, yet over time the person tends to drift back into a similar state. From her years of experience and a wealth of tools, she works with her clients to create powerful and lasting change. Of course this takes action and commitment and the reward is real, deep and lasting change.

Katherine offers one-on-one sessions to support your personal journey of healing, clearing and transforming the blocks to living your purpose. She also offers a breakthrough coaching and healing program to assist you with making authentic changes in your life. Feel free to contact her through the form below with any questions.

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