Akashic Record Energetic Activations

Bombo headlandAre you wanting to experience a breakthrough in an area of your life

Would you benefit from tapping into key insights to assist you to create your desired outcomes??

Opening up and working in the energy of our Akashic Records allows us to tap into energy, insights and wisdom available to us, outside of time and space. We can open the records for any project, desire or outcome and activate the energies and guidance to support us to bring this through into our 3rd dimensional reality.

Akashic record energy activations are a wonderful way to support achieving a breakthrough and creating your desired outcomes in any area of life. This may be just what you need if you have been struggling with getting clear about a direction for your business or career or any other significant life choice.

The akashic records can assist you to align more fully with the path of your Soul and your purpose and in this way be more in flow with your deeper desires that your Soul is wanting to express in your human body and experience.

Holding space for my clients in the akashic records, allows me to assist them to connect with their spiritual and energetic resources in ways that provide powerful support in making positive changes. The results I see in my own life and my clients demonstrate that working in the akashic records can fast track change and getting aligned with our truest path where there is a natural flow of Universal energy that allows us to create and live with greater ease, joy and momentum.
Opening to and connecting with the energy of our akashic records allow us to work at a very high vibration and to fast track our transformation, healing and change process. This is not a magic wand. You still have to do the work by making changes to your thinking and behaviour, releasing old beliefs and ways of being that no longer serve you and bringing in positive beliefs and taking inspired actions that are congruent with the changes you are wanting to see in your life. Yet, the energetic shifts that are made during the akashic activation work, hold you in a place of higher energy and support from which to do this.

Developing a stronger connection with your spiritual support team is a key to making lasting changes.  Working in the akashic records, you are surrounded by your spiritual support team. You have the opportunity to connect more strongly with your spiritual teachers, guides, angels and masters and this is experienced differently for everyone.  For some this is the opening to a profound spiritual connection that you can cultivate and develop over time.

The powerful and dynamic combination of akashic record activation and energetic work with coaching and mindset work, assists you to make changes at all levels. One of the challenges with spiritual and energetic work is that without the coaching to support making changes in thinking and behaviour that are needed to bring the changes through into the physical dimension, for many people the full potential of the changes that have been activated remains unrealised. For this reason, I work in a 3 session minimum framework, where each session supports and consolidates the akashic and energetic work we do together with mindset work, coaching and tools to assist you to make changes on all levels. I am dedicated to assisting people to achieve the results and the changes they desire and for this a minimum of 3 sessions required. Studies have shown that it takes at least 28 days to make changes, so you will have the support you need to make changes sustainable and lasting, changes that you can build on to create the results and life you truly desire.

I would love the opportunity to assist you on your journey. You can pay and book your akashic record activation series below or contact me with any questions using the contact form below. You can also email me at Katherine@katherineambermurray.com or connect with me on facebook:- Katherine Amber Murray

I offer in person sessions at Surry Hills and Wollongong and also work by telephone and Skype so I can work with you wherever you are!

If you have been waiting and hoping for things to change for too long – now is the time to tap into the insights and energetic resources to support you in making the changes you want to see in your life!

Katherine Amber Murray

Visionary Guide

Akashic Record Energetic Activation Series
3 X 2 hour sessions – Regular price – $675 – Special Price – $595

Disclaimer:- This is soul work to support your spiritual journey and is not meant to replace professional medical or psychological care. I do not diagnose or treat medical conditions. Always see a doctor if you have persistent symptoms or concerns.

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